How Should You Start Cutting Your Lawn?

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Now that spring buds can be freshly breathed in the air, spring is already here. And when it is spring, most homeowners and gardeners take time to cut their lawn and mow. However, before you consider changing some things on your lawn, you might as well take some things into consideration. We recommend that you hire an expert lawn service Boise.  

In this way, you rest assured that you know all the requirements and the right timing when to cut your lawn for a better landscape. Furthermore, we will share here some of the basics things you can consider before cutting your lawn by yourself (if you opt-out not hiring an expert gardener). Without further ado, here are the things you need to consider: 

1. Check the grass growth – while it can be tempting to cut and cut when you have the time, this can be counterproductive, and therefore, will not hit your goal for efficiency. Instead, check first the grass before the first cut and wait until the grass grows up to two to three inches long. If you also notice some bare spots, that could be an ideal time for planting some seeds instead of cutting down your lawn.  

2. Check your materials specifically your mower – another way to be counterproductive with what you are doing is not checking the materials you will be using. Is the blade sharp enough to last for the whole cutting session? What if you stop in the middle of the mowing because your blade has gone flat and dull? If you think it has served you for many years, take time to go to a professional for a lawn mowing blade sharpening. This can cost you from five to fifteen dollars, depending on the type and how dull your blade is. If you also think that your blade does not need any professional blade sharpening, you can do the job by unclogging the chute and deck, cleaning the residue off using a knife, and putting on some oil to ensure that your mower functions well.  

3. When mowing, make sure to remember these things – when the grass has grown up to two inches long, cut it and do not wait for them to grow longer than two to three inches. Taller grass is difficult to cut and this can also damage your mower, and damage scale depends on the quality of your mower. When cutting, you also need to ensure not to cut more than one-third of the length to avoid damaging all the grass in the area. Remember that your grass brings a green color to your lawn, and without them, your lawn can look so dull.  

4. Put some mulch – putting mulch in your greens and shrubs will ensure that they will not dehydrate. So, after the lawn cutting session, make sure to grab some mulch and spread them around your plants and trees.  

Here you go, those are the top four basic things you need to know before and during lawn cutting. Share this with your friends! 

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